"As a first time Mama, my goal was a birth without fear. I spent a fair amount of time researching Doulas in the Sacramento area and liked what I saw on The Flower that Blooms Doula services Facebook, so sent I an inquiry. From that moment, Amber was SUPER responsive (which wasn’t the case with everyone I contacted and certainly appreciated as a busy pregnant mama.) After our free consultation, my husband and I definitely knew it was the right fit.


Amber was so helpful and informative during our initial in person education sessions (done in our home, even better!) Even through I’d done a lot of my own research, Amber provided us with lots of education/resources such as hospital packing lists, birth plan planning/guidance/sheet, pain management techniques, positive birth affirmation cards (which I loved!) as well as laboring positions, and more!


When it came time for my complicated induction, Amber was there for us the whole way. From being present via phone/text in the time leading up to induction, to the time she was present at the hospital, she was nothing short of amazing! Helping us navigate difficult choices, encouraging asking questions and advocating for myself/my baby and ultimately being a great support during our birth was so amazing.


While I had a more complicated situation than I wanted/planned for, Amber’s support helped make it manageable. As I process my baby’s birth, and how positively I feel about it, I absolutely know Amber’s planning/tools, presence, demeanor/energy and help along the way definitely set us up for success.

THANK YOU Amber and the flower that blooms doula services!"

- Jaime (2022)


"We were so honored to have Amber as our postpartum doula. She not only provided us with resources and support in the form of meal prep, help with changing out/organizing baby clothes, working with swaddles etc., she was also a wonderful companion for me (as a first-time mom) and a calming presence in our home. We would recommend Amber to any other parents who have recently welcomed a new member into their family. She is wonderful!"

- Heather (2023)


"When searching for a full spectrum doula, it was important to my husband and I that we select someone who would serve as a guide leading up to and during labor, have ample knowledge of the childbirth process, and be readily available to support us during our baby’s birth. Amber brought all of these qualities and more to our childbirth experience.

Upon meeting Amber, we instantly felt at ease and knew that we aligned well with her practice. Amber comes with a wealth of knowledge and helped us mentally and emotionally prepare for the birth of our baby girl. As first-time parents, we had a multitude of questions about the birth process, and she helped ease our anxiety by providing resources and recommendations.

She readily made herself available to us leading up to our due date, clearing her schedule in anticipation of the big day… which was fortunate given that our baby girl decided to come 9 days early. Amber was present throughout labor, providing massages, cold compresses and consult.

We are grateful to have worked with Amber, and would recommend her to those looking for a compassionate and skilled full spectrum doula."

- Stephanie (2023)

"I could not have survived without Amber as my postpartum doula.

We expected that newborn care would be challenging as the first time parents. However, the reality was wayyy harder than what we possibly thought. Amber was there creating calm atmosphere in our chaotic home, and taught me so much from nursing, burping, bathing, soothing, swaddling, and all the miscellaneous.

Amber was also there for me as a friend and personal therapist (thats how i felt like!) to keep me sane. I could absolutely trust her to share my private story. She truly respected my choice. I would have hired her more if she were not in 36 weeks pregnant.

I appreciate your presence in our most precious moment!"

Sejin (2023)

Amber’s sweetness and warmth made my spouse and I feel right at ease with her. As a plus sized woman of color with some medical field trauma, I was nervous working a white woman. Amber’s commitment to equitable care and allyship for marginalized groups were evident on her page and in conversation. In labor, I decided I essentially wanted no one touch me and Amber was able to guide me through breathing in an unmedicated water birth. That was the biggest reminder I needed and she knew it. I only wish we could have had her with my first labor, too!

- Laura (2023)

"I became a single mother by choice about 6 months ago. The pregnancy and circumstances around it were challenging. I had gestational diabetes and had to switch providers from a birth center to a hospital at about 7 months into the pregnancy. On top of that, the company I worked for was bought by a different company and I had to switch insurance carriers which made things even more complicated. All that being said, I was so glad to have Amber as my doula during this time. Her presence is grounded and steady which was exactly what I needed. She provided lots of helpful information and has a strong network of other doulas to get information from as needed. Her calm presence at the delivery was so helpful and gave me the confidence to make it through. I now look back on it as a positive experience and I'm grateful that Amber was there to help me."

- Millie (2024)