what exactly is a Full Spectrum Doula?

A Full Spectrum Doula is SOMEONE who provides non-medical support for people during the full spectrum of pregnancy. 

The "full spectrum" ranges from preconception/fertility, through pregnancy to birth, to abortion, to miscarriage, stillbirth or loss, to adoption, to postpartum.

As a Full Spectrum Doula it is my job to provide objective & evidence-based information as well as non-judgmental support. I am a reproductive justice advocate and will make sure your needs are not only heard but seen as a priority.

I provide education and help you plan/prepare for your reproductive journey, no matter what that entails. I provide emotional & physical support, client advocacy, as well as holding space for you. I also provide resources and referrals when outside of my scope of practice.

Bottom line: I am an advocate for YOU. You deserve to be heard, to make informed decisions AND you deserve a right to bodily autonomy. I support you in a way that doesn't leave you feeling helpless navigating the medical system. I am part of your birthing team. I am your postpartum support. I am your shoulder to lean on during times of loss/difficult decision-making.

I am here to support you no matter what your reproductive health or loss journey looks like. 

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