Sleep Coaching Packages

What Is Included:

  • 15-minute phone/video consultation to see if my coaching is right for you
  • Specialized sleep training plan geared to your little one's needs and your comfortability
  • 30-minute phone/video call to go over your plan and answer questions
  • 2-week virtual one-on-one coaching, adjusting your sleep plan as needed, and supporting you throughout this process
  • Unlimited text, phone or video, & email support
  • Personalized guide for moving forward with sleep plan once we're done working together

How I Support You:

  • I help personalize a plan for your child based on their individual age, sleep needs, and your comfort level (that means if you're not comfortable with one particular method, I will design a gentler method for us to try)
  • I am there for you 100% throughout the 2 weeks to support you, answer questions, and tweak things if they aren't quite working
  • I support you & your decisions, I provide evidence-based information on sleep-training, and I squash any misinformation regarding sleep-training
  • I provide guides on safe-sleep practices, sleep-training techniques and how to move forward once we are done working together - I want you to be successful!
  • My goal is to help your little one sleep better so that you can sleep better. A well-rested child = a well-rested parent and a well-rested family = a happier, more connected family.


*A special discount is reserved for clients who have booked doula support/services within the last 12 months - ask me about it!