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I'm Amber Bardini (she/her) and I am a Certified Full Spectrum Doula & Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, specializing in infant & toddler sleep. I currently reside in the greater Sacramento area and I'm a wife & mom of three little ones who are my entire world. I love music, fitness, dancing, cooking & baking and am a big fan of all things Disney. 


I am a firm believer in the saying, "It takes a village," however, I have come to realize that for many of us our village is seriously lacking or non-existent. Once baby is born, many people find that their needs are not considered anymore (or not a priority) which really should not be the case. Becoming a mom really opened my eyes up to the lack of support parents have. Without that much-needed support the transition into parenthood can be incredibly scary and stressful.


My goal is to help new parents so that they have the resources they need to thrive and help prevent those same feelings of helplessness that I had as a new mom. I also love being able to provide sleep support to parents who are struggling and needing help getting their little ones to sleep independently. I am extremely passionate about being able to provide the much-needed support new parents deserve to have. You are not alone in this, and you are NOT a bad parent for asking for help.


I am passionate about the right to bodily autonomy and the rights of people with uteruses, regardless of race, sexual preference, gender identity, or BMI. I fight for advocacy, support you in your choices, and provide space for you.


EVERYONE deserves a doula.

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